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At Pure CFNM, men are reduced to little more than sexual objects. Pure CFNM features some seriously sexy groups of horny clothed women of all ages and walks of life, demanding that the men around them strip naked. Once these nymphos have a cock exposed, they all take turns grabbing it, licking it, sucking it, and teasing it until the men can't take it anymore. After the men shoot their sticky loads of cum, they are quickly dispatched until their services are needed once again!.


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Renee is the head of a condom company, and she has to do some research. Instead of using a boring manequin, she calls Keith in. After he arrives, Renee and her 2 assistants take turns getting Keith hard, while testing out the various textures and sizes. After testing about 5 comdoms, Keith can't take it and he squirts cum all over her desk. Needless to say, he was fired!
Embarassing Handjob GangbangKenny came home from a date with a college chick, and sat down with his mom's girlfriend. He began to tell her about the blue balls that he was left with, so she pulled out his cock for a closer inspection. As she leaned in for a closer look, Anna and Rebecca came in. The 3 ladies decided to cure his blueballs, and they took turns sucking his dick til he spewed hot cum.
Cute Coeds Seducing A PriestSimon has always wanted to become a priest. However, Sister Scarlett didn't think he could give up sex for good. She tested him by putting him in a room with her 6 choir students. They stripped him naked and sat him down. He couldnt fend off the horny handjob freaks, and as Sister Scarlett returned, she witnessed him shooting cum everywhere. He was quickly escorted out, never to return again.
A Handjob Is The Best MedecineShaun was feeling sick, and his roommate Cyprus stopped in to see how he was feeling. His head was throbbing, but we're not talking about the one on his neck. She laid next to him and began to give hima handjob. Shortly after she began, he friends both came by, and decided they'd help out as well. After a perfect6 handed handjob and an exposive cumshot orgasm, Shaun was able to sleep once again!

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